Cano Says He Felt Disrepected By Yankees $175 Mil, Meanwhile O’s Are Signing Nobody And Raising Ticket Prices.

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Robinson Cano said in his Seattle presser that he “didn’t feel respect” by New York’s $175 million offer and that the Yankees didn’t put “effort” into re-signing him.  He also said “you want to be with people who want you” in regards to Seattle.  Aww.  Poor Cano.  Gimme a break.  Can you imagine if Cano had played the last bunch of years here in Baltimore?  I’ll bet he’d of felt horrified when the O’s would have offered him $140 million to stay here.  Shit, I’d love for the Orioles to offer someone, or two people, or even 3 people, $175 million dollars.  Instead the Birds are talking about spreading around the $10 million they saved by trading Jim Johnson. Couple of Rule 5 draftees here and there and maybe throw an offer to a soon to be 36-year-old closer, and that will conclude out winter meetings.  Oh, and we’ve still go the bulk of this $10 million left because the soon to be 36-year-old closer will probably get a real offer from somewhere else.  Pathetic.  Every freakin’ 10 minutes I’m checking my Twitter account hoping to see breaking news on the Orioles.  And every 10 minutes I shake my head in disgust.  Bartolo Colon- gone.  Nelson Cruz- never made an offer.  Shin Soo-Choo- out of range for the Birds.  Grant Balfour- mulling offers from three different clubs.  Other teams- spending the influx of money that they are receiving from the MLB’s new TV deal.  When are the O’s going to realize that they need to spend  a few bucks?  I guess never.  Oh, and by the way, they are raising ticket prices so they can pocket even more cash.  Thanks Birds!

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  1. This is why baseball sucks.

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