Canadian Gets Locked Up; Proceeds To Take Selfies Of Him Drinking Cognac, Smoking Blunts In Jail

Humor — September 4, 2014 at 10:36 pm by

America, let’s take this guy, and send that little dip shit Justin Bieber back across the border.┬áMichael Simoneau-Meunier got himself arrested in Canada, for the fifteenth time, (yes, 15), and is awaiting his sentence for a robbery charge. Despite the prison claiming to have a zero-tolerance policy on cell phones, alcohol, and drugs, Michael violated all three rules in one incredible series of selfies. His Facebook caption read, “XO and blunt living da jail life.” XO is expensive cognac, to the layman.

There’s probably no denying this little fucker will be serving a tad bit of jail time, but he sure as shit looks like the man while doing it. Sure it’s low-life’s like him that bring down society, but I can’t even be mad because this is just so damn impressive. This guy would be worth any amount of tax dollars.


via Gawker

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