Can Anyone Dethrone The King?

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Oh LeBron, the way the haters come out this time of year. The  N.B.A. playoffs have arrived and the first round is in full swing. As the Association likes to say it’s 40 days of televised basketball in succession. That’s all a real basketball junkie needs to hear to get his juices going. With Louisville cutting down the nets weeks ago, it is now time for the real hoops teams to take center stage, and I don’t want to hear that crap that you like the college game better than the pros. I know, I know,  the argument in favor of the college boys game is that it is unpredictable and therefore, more exciting.  Well, my rebuttal to that is that on a college roster there are  maybe 2 players worthy of playing for real money one day, and that’s on the really good teams.  And by real money I mean NBA money,  I don’t mean playing in Turkey, Israel or some other nation in bum fuck Asia.  On an NBA roster there are 13 real players , not college boys, and they all have nasty game.  The level of play is simply much, much, better.

Yet despite all that talent, there is only one player really worth talking about here and now. He has worn the crown since being a junior in high school, when amazingly, he was already better than 75% of the players in the Association.  Just think of that statement and how he was revered by so many lifelong followers of the game.  When you find a high school senior who is worthy of skipping college he is usually a shot gobbler or a big man that scores at will strictly because of his size.  LeBron James was neither of these.  LeBron was so different at age 17, his basketball IQ was staggering,  and his passing and assisting skills made him a complete player at a very early age.

The average N.B.A. fan will always put Michael Jordan at the top of the argument in regards to the greatest player of all time. They will say that he has won more titles than LeBron.  Well, simply put, this is a bullshit stance to take. If that were the only criteria, then Bill Russell, with his dozen titles, should be heralded as the greatest ever.  Yet somehow he never gets a mention. To be fair to Jordan and James though, it is probably best to see James’ career to the end before we start that argument.lj post

So now we start another long championship run.  It will go all the way through Father’s Day weekend. The Miami Heat high wire act is going to be a fun thing to witness. Here is to hoping that the Lebron haters shield their eyes from the sunsational blur that goes by his opponents in the way of 6 ft. 7 inches and 265 lbs. That is one menacing sight flying from end to end. LeBron James is indeed the best player of this generation, hands down. Offensively he is unstoppable and don’t forget the fact that he can defend every position on the court.  Just ask Derek Rose,who won the Association’s M.V.P. award. Rose was defended by the King,  who shut him down when it mattered the most.

When all of the confetti drops and we crown this year’s  champion, Lebron James will still have his crown intact.  It is  going to be ho-hum, I told you so, from this observers seat.    There are a  few teams out there that could beat the Heat a few times, but certainly not 4 out of 7.  Have fun LeBron with your Heat friends as you get crowned again.  Now granted, crowning LeBron will be a little boring in a way and some of those college tournament games may have been more unpredictable, but you weren’t watching a level of play like this. You weren’t watching the king. Why eat roast beef when you can enjoy filet?


Note: In case you live under a rock, Miami swept the hapless Milwaulkee Bucks in the first round.

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