Camera Speeding Tickets In Maryland are Horse Crap!

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I don’t know when the speeding ticket cameras started in the state of Maryland. I know its been a while, but I guess it didn’t really faze me, until Friday that is. Friday evening I came home to a nice $40 fine in the mail from the state of Maryland, for going 12 MPH over the speed limit on I 95 near White Marsh.

 Just when I’m ready to crack a beer and start the weekend I opened that stupid ticket, and I haven’t been that fired up since Jim Johnson was blowing games for the Orioles’ in the 2012 post season. This is complete and utter money-making horse crap. These cameras are here for one reason, and one reason only…to make $$$$.  I guess you could also say to screw over the common man a little more too. I get that I was in the wrong here, but that doesn’t justify it. Anyone who knows me knows I drive as slow as a 90-year-old man, and that’s giving me the benefit of the doubt. So if I am getting a ticket at that camera, that means so is everyone else and their brother who’s driving with the flow of traffic. They might as well just put up a few more tolls and call it a day, because everyone is getting hammered with these stupid $40 “tickets”.

More importantly what’s got me pissed off here is that this is the society we now live in, where there is no human interaction.  Everyone’s texting, tweeting  and sexting these days, and now I am  getting a speeding ticket from a machine sent to me in the mail. It’s so damn impersonal. What happened to the days where to get a ticket an officer of the law, a human being mind you, had to look you in the eyes and write you the ticket? At least then I got a fair shake at bullshitting my way out it.

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