Call Me Whatever For Saying This, But This PSA and Anti-Texting Ad Scared The Shit Out Of Me

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Nothing like driving along texting and then becoming a T-bone snack for a tractor-trailer. That’s it, no more texting behind the wheel for the ol’ Seabass after his eyes watched this smash and grab your attention.  (Effective PSA, even with the cheese cop actor at the end.) I’ll admit it, done it a million times, no harm, no foul.  But texting while driving is like smoking cigarettes.  You know it’s dumb as shit and horrific for your general safety, but it’s damn addicting.  I mean face it, Robert De Niro looks cool as shit smoking cigs in GoodFellas with “Sunshine of Your Love” playing in the background, and not having to actually talk to people while talking to them is a wonderful thing, especially while enjoying a drive.  But from now on The Chode’s gonna have to wait for my text reply to his texted question, “Where would you rank Todd Cruz and Wayne Gross on the Orioles all time 3rd basemen list?”  Wait til I’m out the ride, babes.





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