Cali Wants To Stiff Snitches In Dorner Case

Featured, News — March 28, 2013 at 11:17 am by   It was trumpeted as the biggest bounty in California‘s living memory but the $1m reward for the capture of Christopher Dorner, a disgruntled former Los Angeles police officer, has now triggered a row over the refusal of some donors to pay up. The city of Riverside has rescinded its $100,000 contribution, and others are expected to follow, on the grounds that the circumstances of the siege, and the self-inflicted gunshot wound that killed Dorner last month, did not warrant a reward. “Because the conditions were not met, there will not be a payment of a reward by the city,” Riverside spokeswoman Cindie Perry said on Tuesday. Critics accused Riverside of welching on a promise and undermining future bounties. Dorner’s 10-day vendetta against law enforcers and their families claimed four lives and triggered a huge manhunt before ending in a gun battle and conflagration at a mountain cabin near Big Bear, east of Los Angeles. Authorities, police unions, civic organisations and private donors pledged more than $1m for information leading to his arrest and conviction.

Christopher Dorner

So the local and state government of California are trying to stiff the people who called 911 and led police to where Dorner was hiding.  They say he didn’t get tried and convicted so that negates the reward.  What the hell ever happened to Wanted: Dead or Alive?  Bon Jovi has to be pissed off about this bullshit.  The fact that this guy blew his own brains out is a bonus, it saves the state the cost of prosecuting his crazy ass.  I mean the people who called 911 would have probably done it anyway, but for shit-sake throw ’em a bone, the sorry ass keystone cops weren’t finding him on their own, that’s for sure.  What a rip off, the City of Riverside should be ashamed of itself.  Don’t snitch in Riverside, it ain’t worth the danger  homie! 



  1. This whole thing is shady. For instance, they found his wallet twice according to the reports. Once where he burned up and once at a hotel.

  2. Love how the police claim they didn’t start that fire too……A Riverside Cop was killed by Dorner… they back out on reward…….cheap bastards…

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