Cal State University Bakersfield Is Having Issues With A Glory Hole And Craigslist Ads

Humor, News — November 8, 2014 at 12:29 am by

Reports have surfaced of several Craigslist ads trying to get men to meet up with other men in the fourth floor bathroom at Cal State University Bakersfield to blow each other through this incredibly uncomfortable looking glory hole. Apparently the library bathroom has become a real “hot spot” around campus for men to meet up.


The maintenance department had placed a metal plate over the hole, but naturally someone then took the screws out and removed the plate. No chance these horny gents are gonna be held back from blowing each other.

I’m no expert, but I’d say this probably isn’t the safest form of sex. Any time you’re sticking your D through a hole to have an unidentified man do whatever he pleases to it on the other side, it’s a bit sketchy. Not to mention that rusty hole looks like it would rip all the skin off your dick. If you weren’t circumcised before sticking your shaft in that bad boy, you will be afterward. Obviously if the STDs don’t get you, the tetanus will.

via ABC

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