Buster Olney Surveyed Baseball Evaluators To See If They’d Rather Sign Manny Machado Or Bryce Harper

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Both Manny Machado and Bryce Harper are scheduled to hit free agency in 2018, and both will get huge contract offers from many teams. The bidding is expected to be well north of $300 million per player, and could even be as high as $400 million.

So ESPN’s Buster Olney conducted a survey to ask seven baseball evaluators who they’d rather sign to an unprecedented baseball contract when they both hit free agency in 2018: Bryce Harper, or Manny Machado. Of the seven asked, six said they would rather sign Manny Machado to one of these deals than Bryce Harper, with the consensus being that Manny is a better fielder, and a more complete hitter.

You can read what all seven wrote here.

If you ask me, no player in the world is worth $400 million. If I were a GM, and this is the type of money these two are commanding, I wouldn’t sign either one. Huge money contracts always come back to haunt the team on the back end, and cripple the franchise for years. See the Philadelphia Phillies.

The difference with these two players however is how young they are when they’re hitting free agency, so a GM might actually offer either of them the 400. They’ll both be 26-years-old, which is several years younger than when most players are eligible. But I think a $300-$350 million contract is a much more reasonable price to pay for these guys, but only if the contract is for at least 10 years, which it very likely could be.

And even though everyone in Baltimore LOVES Manny, myself included, he’s not worth $400 million. Because we all know there’s no salary cap in baseball, but we also all know how this team is run, and if we have Manny and Davis and no one else, what’s the point.


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