Burglar Performs Sex Act and Plays With Toy

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Source Sheriff deputies say a burglary suspect admitted to having a really good time while in a couple’s home.Authorities arrested Jason Vickery, 23, on burglary and larceny charges.  Deputies say he broke into a home on Atlantic View in St. Augustine.Vickery told police he got into the home through an unlocked door.  He told investigators he went upstairs to masturbate in the bathroom when he found a remote control helicopter.  Vickery said he found some batteries and started playing with the helicopter.  He also ate a salad that he brought with him, according to detectives. Police confiscated a bag full of marijuana, other drug paraphernalia, a wig, a towel and a pouch of chewing tobacco.


I am intrigued by this “beating off in a random house” idea.  I would imagine this is quite the rush.  I assume that was always his plan, otherwise, what could have gotten him so worked up during a robbery?  With that said, toy helicopters are fun, but not fun enough to interfere with beating off during a B&E.

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