Bullpen Blows It, Tampa Evens Series

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Oh the humanity.  From a pure baseball standpoint, it was a great game last night.  From an Orioles standpoint it sucked donkey balls.  Our bullpen let us down last night, and that’s not something we’ve been exposed to recently.  As a rule I usually hate relief pitchers, but these relievers for the Orioles have been so good that my hate has been put on hold.  Not last night babes.  The pen allowed 6 earned runs and blew the game for the Birds.  The trio of Ayala, Strop and Hunter imploded, throwing wild pitches and grooving 3-1 fastballs.  I love Buck but I question the early Chen yanking.  He was only about 70 pitches in, was he that tired?  I would have liked to have seen Buck allow Chen to work through the inning.   Hopefully Gonzalez can go deep today and give the pen some time for rest and reflection

Brian Roberts looks great.  Talk about clutch, he delivered a game tying double in the ninth, jumping all over the first pitch from Fernando Rodney, the best closer in baseball.  It’s a shame the Birds couldn’t get him home from second.

Chris Davis is a monster.  Four RBI’s, including his second 3-run Homer in as many games.  To say he’s having a great start is an understatement.

The Birds and Rays go at it again today in the rubber match at 3:10 p.m.  Gonzalez vs. Hernandez

And remember Home Run Hunter, keep giving up those walk-offs and it’s the kiss of death to the minors for you.  Maybe Buck will do it Godfather style.  We know it was you who grooved that fastball, you broke my heart……


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