Bud Norris Takes The Bull By The Horns, Birds Blank BoSox 4-0

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After a loss Sunday to Oakland that was uglier than a hairy old man in a speedo, the Birds needed their next starting pitcher to grab the bull by the horns and go get a win.  That’s exactly what Bud Norris did.  Norris dominated the Boston Red Sox tonight at the Yard.  He went eight solid innings, shutting out the BoSox and allowing just three hits and three walks while striking out six.  It was just what the doctor ordered and it kept the mental image of hairy dudes in speedos away from Camden Yards…….

The win ran Norris’ record to 5-5 and tonight’s performance begged the question: is Bud Norris the best starter on the staff?   Norris has the best ERA (3.94) and WHIP (1.17) among Oriole starters and Ubaldo Jimenez and Chris Tillman certainly aren’t living up to preseason hype, so right now, the answer to the above question is yes, Bud Norris is the Orioles best starting pitcher.   He’s a .500 pitcher with an ERA just under 4.00, so that’s not really saying much, but it is good to see Norris pitching well. Hopefully he keeps it up and that ERA keeps falling and that win total keeps rising.

To make pitching matters even more exciting for the Birds, Tommy Hunter came into the game in the ninth inning in relief of Norris and pitched a 1-2-3 inning.  It would be awesome to get Hunter and his 97 MPH fastball going strong.

Manny Machado, who got so much negative attention piled on him this weekend, went 0-fer tonight.  Manny today apologized for his actions but I don’t think he should have.  Those holier than thou, moneyball pricks were throwing at him.  They were going to plunk him eventually in that at bat and Manny was protecting himself.  The only issue was where he threw the bat.  He should have thrown it at the pitcher.  These guys who throw at batters, or threaten to do so with inside pitches with obvious intent, should get bats thrown at them.  Let them duck shit like they make guys duck shit.  Screw the A’s and their copy-cat Red Sox beards.


Other Game Notes

Adam Jones continued to assault pitching.  Tonight he homered and went 3-4.  Since last Tuesday (7 games) Jones is 14-29 with four home runs and nine RBIs.  That’s a pretty damn solid week.  He now is batting .305 with 10 HRs and 39 RBIs on the year.

Ryan Flaherty and Nick Markakis both hit home runs as well and they each had two hits.

All Baltimore RBIs tonight came via the long ball.

The Orioles now have three everyday players batting over .300. (Cruz, Markakis, Jones)

Matt Wieters is evidently seeing Dr. Andrews again.  I don’t think that’s good news.


Next Up For The Birds

Tuesday night, same time, same place, same asshole Red Sox.

Workman (0-0) vs Tillman (5-2)  Let’s hope Tilly last more than one inning.

Let’s go O’s!

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