Buck’s Down To Get Pied, Hopes He Gets To Pick Flavor

Sports and Bets — October 9, 2014 at 7:00 pm by

Almost everyone has felt the wrath of an Adam Jones pie this year. Players, the Oriole Bird, and even some fans have been hit with celebratory desserts over the course of the season. But there is still one central cog to the ball club that has yet to be pied, the field general Buck Showalter. This pressing matter was brought up today, and this is what our fearless leader had to say about it.

The mere thought of Buck getting pied after clinching the World Series puts the biggest fucking grin on my face. It’d be the perfect ending to an unbelievable season. I do wonder what kind of flavor Buck would prefer, though. I’m thinking that Buck’s an apple or pumpkin guy. Nothing too fancy. I’m sure that whatever the pie is, that bad boy will taste extra sweet.

via For The Win
cover pic from MASN

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