Buck Says He Wants To Give Jeter Signed Picture Of Jeffery Maier “Home Run”

Sports and Bets — August 12, 2014 at 1:57 pm by

Buck’s the fucking man. Every team is pretty much obligated to give Derek Jeter a going away present, for God knows what reason, and Buck came up with a little jab at the Yankees’ shortstop, saying he wanted to give DJ a picture of his almost home run that Jeffrey Maier took over the fence.


“I would give him a big picture of the home run. Well, it wasn’t a home run. We know that. That’s what I’d give him. A big picture and have the whole Baltimore Orioles team sign it. That’s a good idea. That’s cheap, too, right? Make it in bronze or something. Not that we remember that at all.”

Way to go Buck. You just earned points in my book. Not that you needed any more.


  1. Meanie!

  2. I am not sure I believe any of this. Certainly if this did happen, the man would find it very hard to get then entire Oriole team to sign such a picture. In fact he may not get any to sign it. Jeter is a class individual that fits in the same class as Cal Ripken. I do not know of anyone that has anything bad to say about Jeter This is nonsense.

  3. LOL. And there’s no reason for Buck to be bitter about that incident. Other than being fired by the Yankees the year before for losing in the 95 playoffs, even though it was their first playoff appearance in 14 years.

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