Buck Making This Kid Write A Paper On Frank Is The Biggest Boss Move In The History Of Boss Moves

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Yeah, you know what happened.  Oriole and Hall of Famer Frank Robinson came by the Birds spring training facility and spoke to the team.  Buck Showalter asked an Orioles prospect, youngster Josh Hart, if he knew who Mr. Robinson was.  He didn’t, so Buck made him write a one page paper on Frank Robinson and made that paper due in 24 hours.  This is the definition of a boss move.  Being the boss means you know what’s up.  You know everything about your position in life and you command respect.  You are in charge of shit, you are the fucking boss.  And being a boss means you know who the other bosses are.  Buck knows that Frank’s a boss, and Frank knows that Buck’s a boss.  It’s all about respect, they’ve earned it from one another.  So when some young little upstart comes through and doesn’t recognize a boss, he needs to learn, and sometimes it’s up to another boss to make the youngster’s recognize.  Buck did that.  He made Josh Hart recognize greatness.


This move alone will make me love Buck Showalter as an Oriole manager forever.  Buck has brought winning baseball back to Baltimore and the attitude that goes along with it.  You can’t win if your leader isn’t a true boss.  Buck is a boss and he recognizes the proud and storied history of this franchise, a history that Frank Robinson was a big part of.

And now Josh Hart knows.

I mean, there’s only a damn statue of the guy at Camden Yards.


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