Buck Ejected, Home Run Hunter Makes Appearance, Strop Still Stinks

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It was an ugly loss tonight.  The Birds led 6-4 in the seventh.  Usually that’s money, game over.  Not tonight.  Tommy Hunter gave up a two run shot to Munenori Kawasaki, who is becoming hated here at charmcitywire due to his late game, Oriole killing moments.  Kawasaki’s bomb tied it and after a scoreless 8th,  Matusz managed to let two Jays on base in their half of the 9th while recording two outs.  Enter Pedro Strop.  I should have turned off my TV then, it was already over.  Pedro of course allowed the walk off single to Rajai Davis.

So everybody will blame Pedro for the loss, but the whole bullpen blew this one.  I still am holding out hope for The Strop, but this is another massive blow to his confidence.

Chris Davis crushed an Earl Weaver in the 6th.

...and another one.

…and another one.

Buck got thrown out in the 2nd with perhaps his greatest umpire bashing ever as Oriole manager.

"What The Fuck Blue!"

“What The Fuck Blue!”

1:07 start tomorrow.  Gonzalez (5-2) vs Wang (1-0)

Let’s go O’s!



  1. Arguing balls and strikes is an automatic ejection. JAYS do it and get the call overturned? Davis loses the opportunity to steal first because the umpire calls it foul. Nice to see Showalter looking like Earl though.

  2. Same thing happened when me and Riggs were chasing the Kugerant. Diplomatic Immunity or something .

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