Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, & Julia Louis-Dreyfus Made A Fantastic Emmy Promo

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Awesome stuff from three television heavyweights. You’ve got Aaron Paul playing the sidekick role to perfection like a prime Scottie Pippen. He’s packing huge lips, playing a character named Randy Jackson, and closing the show with a classic, “Bitch.” Everything you want out of a second fiddle. Then, you’ve got Julia-Louis Dreyfus making plays, as usual. She’s 53 years young, still looking gorgeous, and still providing laughs. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Elaine Benes.

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As great as those two were, Bryan Cranston managed to steal the show. Buzz Jackson knows all about wheelin’ and dealin’, charming the ladies, and puffing on Js. He’s a dynamite character that deserves his own show, movie, lunch box, action figure, the whole ball of wax. Just look at this delightful sleazeball. Absolute gold, babes.


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