Bruno Mars Pulls Out His Inner James Brown To Murder Half Time. Plus, Broadway Joe Is A Pimp.

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Face it, for the most part the Super Bowl sucked. The game sucked, the mass transit sucked, and the commercials sucked.  Two things that didn’t suck though were the halftime show and Ol’ Broadway Joe pimpin’ at the coin toss.  Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were great.  Pop singer Bruno doesn’t always produce my style of tunes, but when he threw down James Brown style on the dance moves, I lost my fucking mind.  Never knew he rocked it like this.



He took a page from the Godfather:


And Joe Namath.  What more is this to say about this guy.  No way most dudes get away with wearing this fur without looking like a douchebag jackass.  But when Broadway Joe flashes fur,  it’s pure smooth babes.

Phil Simms looks like he’s wearing a $100 suit from Target next to that pimp style.  Meanwhile Joe is a fur wearing veteran.
Now if only the Broncos would have shown up…….
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