Brooks Robinson Is Auctioning Off An Estimated $1 Million Worth Of Memorabilia To Give To Charity

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Hall of Famer and Orioles legend Brooks Robinson has decided to auction off virtually all of his memorabilia from his illustrious playing career. Via The Baltimore Sun:

This week, Robinson officially put 240 items — including 16 Gold Gloves, his 1964 American League MVP trophy, his Hall of Fame pin and two World Series rings — up for auction. He plans to pump every cent from the sale, which could draw more than $1 million, into the charitable Constance and Brooks Robinson Foundation. “I just feel like I’ve been blessed over many years as have my children,” the 78-year-old Robinson said. “I’ve always tried to teach them to give back, and so that’s what I’ve decided to do.”

The only piece of memorabilia that Robinson decided to keep was his Hall of Fame ring. The auction will take place online until November 6, and Hertiage Auctions estimates that the collection will be worth anywhere from $850,000 to over $1 million. Here’s pictures of Robinson’s 1966 World Series ring, 1970 World Series ring, and 1964 AL MVP award. The current bids are $30,000, $80,000, and $40,000 for these respective pieces of baseball history.




It is so refreshing to hear that a former player is auctioning off their beloved memorabilia to help others. Most of the time when you hear about stuff like this, it’s being done out of desperation. They have to sell off their prized possessions to get out of debt from bad business decisions. But not Brooks Robinson. He took care of his finances, and now, he’s lending a hand to the less fortunate. God bless ya, Brooksy.

via The Baltimore Sun
cover pic: Inside Socal

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