Broncos’ Kicker Is Super Butt Hurt About Justin Tucker

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Denver Bronco’s punter Britton Colquitt had some choice words to say about Ravens kicker Justin Tucker, due to the fact that Tucker has suggested he could kick an 84 yard field goal in Denver.



Colquitt’s quote, via 247:

“I looked at that and I laughed. Let’s start here: Tucker loves Tucker. He loves himself so much, and I take it personally because Morgan Cox is (the Ravens’) long-snapper and he was my long snapper at Tennessee. I also take it personally because I’m a holder. If I was a kicker, the last thing I’m going to do when I make a field goal is sprint as far away from my holder and snapper, as he loves to do and just does some kind of dance. That drives me crazy…

“Second of all, you don’t get on the air and say, ‘I think I kicked an 85-yarder that hit the crossbar.’ If you hit an 85-yarder and hit the crossbar, you remember. You don’t say, ‘I think.’ I’m pretty sure I remember him missing about 15 from 60…

“Anyway, Justin, I know you’re out there and you’re probably doing your opera thing or whatever, looking in the mirror. Everyone knows you’re a great kicker, you don’t have to tell ’em.”



You out doing your opera thing?!?!?

Ohhhhh KILLED HIM!!!




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