Bron Bron Goes Back-To-Back. Is He Still A Douche?

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I keep going back and forth on this Lebron thing.  On one hand, he’s one of the best basketball players to ever take the court.  He’s got two titles and he seems to be a pretty decent guy.  Players around the league seem to like and respect him.  He does a lot of charity stuff and he works his ass off.  He seems to carry every team he’s on, even this Heat squad.  Wade played hurt most of the year and was a shell of his former self, and Chris Bosh is a flat-out bum. (Zero points in Game 7 and he’s making a fortune.)  Down 3-2 and with his back to the wall, James put together a great Game 6 and an even better Game 7.  In fact many NBA analyst hinted that Game 7 was James’ greatest performance ever.  Clutch, right?  Definitely.  But there is still something lacking with James and the Heat, there’s a softness to them.  They seem to display an arrogance that feels more childish than confidant.  They complain a lot and always talk about how hard it is to win a championship. No one wants to hear that shit.  Shut up, be a man, and just go compete. The swagger isn’t real with these guys.

So yeah, LeBron’s one of the best ever, but he’s still a douche.

Things that make LeBron and the Heat a bunch of douches:

The whole Cleveland thing  (Trucks his home town):

My talents are going to the F-L-A

My talents are going to the F-L-A


Making fun of a sick Dirk Nowitzki:

Disrespectin' the white boy

Disrespectin’ the white boy


Dressing like non-men:




Chris Bosh acting like he’s actually good:

This is what 0 points in game 7 looks like.

This is what 0 points in game 7 looks like.


Bron telling Cleveland he’s open to coming back (he ain’t coming back):

bron burn


He’s a Yankee Fan who’s from Ohio:

bron yankee

Flopping after he said he doesn’t flop:

bron flop




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