Bro King Lou Holtz Carrying Around A Bottle Of Crown Royal At The RNC Like It’s No Big Deal

Sports and Bets — July 19, 2016 at 3:39 am by



For the record, I’ve never been a Lou Holtz guy. He picks Notre Dame to win the National Championship basically every single year, even when they’re not ranked, and I can’t understand a word the man’s saying. Mouth full of marbles and saliva. But this picture right here? This isn’t the Lou Holtz I know. This isn’t the biggest homer in college football that’s made me accustomed to changing the channel every time he’s on air. No sir, this is a new Lou Holtz. This is a Lou Holtz that wants to, nay, needs to turn up. Lou Holtz is Hollywood’s newest poster child for party boys. Move over Johnny Manziel, you just got dunked all over by the legend, Smooth Lou.



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