Britton Gets Got, O’s Lose To Lunatic A’s.

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I’m gonna keep this one brief.  Hell, I’m late writing about it anyway.  But honestly, after Manny Machado shut up the constantly booing green and costumed weirdos that call themselves A’s fans with a two run home run to give the O’s a 4-2 lead in the seventh, I thought the game was over, dunzo babes.  Our bullpen usually takes care of business in the late frames. But last night I was wrong in a big way.  The most often reliable Zach Britton would get got in the ninth inning by two silly base hits (An infield thing and then a blooper.) and then a game ending three-run-blast from Oakland third baseman Josh Donaldson. Ballgame, Oakland.  Bitter, Seabass when I awoke this morning.

So after dueling last time out with shoves and thrown bats, the two third basemen let their bats do the talking in this one. The saga continues.

Meanwhile, Zach Britton ended up the goat.  But sometimes people just get got.  Last night Britton threw a good pitch and a good player put it over the fence. It sucks, but you gotta just turn the page and move on.

At least Zach gets to pitch again.  Unlike Snoop in The Wire.  When she got got by Michael, that was all Michael wrote, so to speak.

Do you think Zach Britton was walking around the clubhouse last night asking everyone how his hair looked?


pic: NYDailyNews

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