Brittney Griner Proposes To Fellow WNBA Star Glory Johnson. Bigger Story Than Michael Sam?

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In the same year Michael Sam came out of the closet as a homosexual prior to being drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round of the NFL draft, former Baylor star, and current Phoenix Mercury all-star, Brittney Griner has proposed to the 2012 4th overall pick in the WNBA draft, Glory Johnson. Griner announced the news via her Instagram account. Johnson was drafted by the Tulsa Shock, and is currently still on their roster as a 6’3” power forward.

This story to me is wild, and much bigger than the Michael Sam story. This couple is engaged to be married, and both play in the same professional sports league, meaning they will have to square off directly against each other. The Shock and the Mercury are in the same conference, and have played each other 4 times this season. The story here to me is not that a homosexual relationship exists, but that there is an engaged couple is in the same professional association, and they will be regularly competing against each other. My question: can we expect them both to compete their hardest and be physical on the basketball court if their guarding their own soon-to-be spouse? Johnson being a power forward and Griner being a center may not be asked to directly guard each other, but there are certainly times throughout a basketball game where their paths will cross, and if I’m the owner or coach of the team, I want to know that my big players are going to be aggresive and physical when boxing out for a rebound. Clearly, I know neither of these women personally, and having made it to the highest level of women’s professional basketball, I can only assume that both of them are extremely competitive, so I’m not sure this will ever be an issue.

This relationship between two opponents would be similar to Michael Sam being engaged to an offensive lineman on another NFL team in the NFC West. It would just be fascinating watching two spouses compete against each other on a professional level.


To be clear, I am not making a stance on any relationship, and certainly am not making one on gay marriage. I am just saying that for all the publicity Michael Sam has received, to me the Griner-Johnson story is so much bigger. I assume, however, that it will receive far less national attention than the Sam story.

Plus, it might actually make people pay attention to a WNBA game or two, and that’s groundbreaking stuff.

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