Bride To Be Attempts Drug Swap Through Kissing Locked Up Groom

News — July 31, 2013 at 7:11 am by

A bride to be ended up behind bars with her intended groom, after deputies caught on to her plans to pass drugs to him during their kiss. According to the Scott County Sheriff’s Department, Brita West came to the detention center in Huntsville to marry prisoner Willard Tinch on Sunday. While she was being searched, she asked an officer how she would be able to kiss Tinch after the ceremony.  While she was talking, the officer noted that West’s dentures kept falling down, and saw that West had a package in her mouth. The package was searched, and inside, officers found a package of methamphetamine and two suboxone strips. [wbir]


The next time you aren’t in the mood to do something for your significant other, sit back and reflect on Brita West. True love. Nothing could be better than the forming of this plan, Willard promises marriage, Brita agrees to Poli-Grip meth to her gums…

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