Brian McCann Thinks He’s The Etiquette Police of Baseball, But Really He’s Just a Prick

Featured, Sports and Bets — September 26, 2013 at 5:47 pm by

Brian McCann was responsible for igniting another bench clearing brawl yesterday when he confronted Carlos Gomez after Gomez showboated a home run.  This is the second time McCann had decided to jaw at or confront an opposing player after an insulting home run celebration.  McCann yelled at pitcher Jose Fernandez after the youngster posed and flipped his bat after a home run a few weeks back.  The question is who made McCann the pope of baseball?  This guy ignites brawls and bench clears, yet never gets disciplined?  Quit jacking off at the mouth and just play ball McCann. Your holier than thou attitude is annoying as shit. Worst part is these kids end up apologizing, when it’s McCann who takes it to the next level.  Should guys bat flip, stare, and slow trot? No. But starting bench clearing brawls is worse. Hell if everyone got this pissed at stares, bat flips and slow trots, Big Papi would get assaulted once a week. Meanwhile, nice crowd in Atlanta cheering on the division champs. Weak babes.

Who made you pope of this dump?

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