Brian Cashman Can Kiss My Orange ASS

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“The run differential is more reflective of the talent on the field. When you overperform, like the Orioles did [in 2012], you realize that’s more of an anomaly,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told the New York Post on Tuesday. “And last year was a market correction.” (Gregory Shamus / Getty Images / March 4, 2013)

“What a prick”

As if I don’t already have enough hatred for the New York Yankees, GM Brian Cashman is now just adding fuel to the fire. Only the Yanks would have a GM literally named the Cash-Man. Real tough job he’s got there. Newsflash Brian, both the Yankees and Orioles were 85-77 last Season, and the ORIOLES had the better run differential (+36 vs -21).  Cashman has the unlimited Steinbrenner bank roll at his disposal;   if I were him I’d probably keep my mouth shut following any season that didn’t end with a championship. I can’t wait for the O’s to smoke Cashman’s over the hill, overpaid Yankees team this season. Cashman can literally kiss my orange Orioles ass.

“We’re coming for you and your Yankees, Cashman”

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