Brian Billick Went On Denver Radio And Called Ben Roethlisberger A “Drama Queen”

Sports and Bets — January 16, 2016 at 6:03 pm by

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Coach Billick, on 104.3 the FAN in Denver- “There’s no one tougher than Ben Roethlisberger by far in the NFL, but he’s a drama queen. He’s gonna come out on that field. That arm’s gonna be limp. It’s going to look like he can’t even lift it. Then he’s going to crank off a 60-yard bomb to Martavis Bryant. Then he’ll carry it back into the huddle, holding it like it’s in a sling, and then he’ll crank off a 40-yarder to Antonio Brown.


We pretty much all have known this for years. Roethlisberger loves the attention he gets for being a tough guy. Eats it up every chance he gets. What a douche bag.


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