Brett Lawrie Versus The Royals, Who Ya Got?

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We’ve all seen the original play by now, but in case you want to watch it again, here you go.

Look, it was a dirty slide, and Lawrie was clearly going for the leg, not the base. But after it was over, he stuck around to try to apologize, and make sure Escobar was okay, before the Royals players pretended they were gonna do something about it.

Here’s what Lawrie had to say after the game.

Part of this was probably genuine, part was probably just a ‘don’t hit me, don’t suspend me’ effort.

Saturday, this happened.

Lawrie gets thrown at by Royals’ starter Yordano Ventura, which was reasonable. You took out one of our players, we’re going to throw at you. I understand that, and I support that. Lawrie took it like a man, and began his walk to first base. No punches thrown, nothing.

The fight should have stopped there. Then Sunday, the Royals decided to act like a bunch of bitches, and continue to throw fastballs at Lawrie. If you’re Lawrie there, you’ve got to charge the mound. How much longer are they going to just throw balls at your head before it’s time to throw down? They clearly don’t want to fight, they just want to act like pussies on the mound and drill you. Lawrie’s got to call them out on this the next time they play in Oakland.

Lawrie was noticeably upset about it, and after the game had this to say.

So the bottom line is, in a fight involving Brett Lawrie and the entire Royals team,. who would win? I’m honestly betting on Brett Lawrie. I’ve watched this crazy mother fucker play too many times to think he couldn’t throw down with the best of them. The guy looks absolutely insane. He’s decent sized at 6’0″, 210 pounds, and has a real nice temper. I’d actually love to watch this brawl go down. He’d be the underdog, but I’d put some hard cash on him coming out on top.

Bottom line, was it a dirty slide? Yes. So if you’re the Royals, you get your retaliation out, and if he wants to throw down, you throw down. If he wants to be the bigger man and accept his punishment and walk to first base, then you consider it done. Fight over. But if you continue to throw at him, then fully expect Lawrie to charge out to the mound and beat some ass.

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