BREAKING NEWS: Manny Machado Officially Least Valuable Player In The American League

Sports and Bets — July 14, 2017 at 2:49 pm by


Well would you look at that. This is shocking indeed, and I want to thank Jon Heyman for bringing this to our attention. Manny Machado has been disappointing this year, there’s no doubt about that, but none of us knew it was this bad. Least Valuable Player in all of the American League? And here we were getting mad at Ubaldo, Tillman, Miley, and Gausman for their inabilities to pitch, but who knew the whole time Manny was hurting our team more than any of these other guys could? I mean Manny’s only on pace to hit around 35 homers and drive in just about 85, HOW EMBARASSING! The guy sucks. Probably worth nothing on the trade market. What a bum.





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