Break Out The Surf and Turf, Babes. Sunday’s A Baltimore Sports Buffet.

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If you’re not going to the Ravens’ game tomorrow, you’re lucky.  “Why would I be lucky?,” asks the broke reader with no ticket to the Big Crabcake tomorrow.  You’re lucky not because you’re going to miss out on hours of boozing and tailgating and perfect summertime football weather; you’re lucky because you’ll be able to sit with remote in hand in your living room, or belly up to your favorite bar, with the opportunity to watch both the Ravens and the Orioles play meaningful games.  Week One in the NFL is always fantastic and it’s going to be pretty damn interesting to see how this Ravens’ team will look, especially against a talented division rival. Divisional games are a big deal, babes.  Plus, the O’s are in the midst of a pennant race and have an 8.5 game lead in the A.L. East.   (The Birds are also taking on a divisional foe.)  So sit back, relax, crack one or twelve beers, order up or grill up your favorite grub, and take it all in.

Here’s how this will play out tomorrow:

1. Orioles, change channel (or look at different TV if sitting in a bar) , Ravens.

2. Sip beer.

3. Ravens, change channel (Or look at different TV if sitting in a bar), Orioles.

4. Sip beer, eat wing.

5. Repeat.

It’s Baltimore Sports Bliss, babes.


Of course, if both the Purple and Orange win, life will feel like a catered meal featuring filet and lobster from Ruth’sChris.



If one team loses and one wins, it’ll feel like all you can eat popcorn shrimp night at the Golden Corral.  Hail the fountain of chocolate…

ruth foun

ruth gold


If both teams lose, you’ll feel like Spalding…..



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