Brazil Gets Rid Of “Happy Prostitute” Ads

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So-called “Happy Prostitute Ads” have been dropped by the Brazilian Health  Ministry amid backlash and criticism for glamorizing prostitution.  The online campaign in question was called “I’m happy being a prostitute.”  Other slogans in the campaign said, “I cannot be seen without a condom, my  love.”  Poster from the campaign for the International Day of  Prostitutes features the phrase “I am happy being a  prostitute.” The ad, which was originally created to promote safe sex and educate the  public about sexually transmitted diseases, has been pulled due to sending out  misleading messages. “The role of the ministry is to have specific content to encourage prevention  among sex workers,” said Alexander Padilha, the head of the Health Ministry.  He said: “I do not think this is a message the ministry should be sending.  For as long as I remain in office and add like that will not be part of our  campaigns.” [Christian Post]

Personally, I could give a shit if prostitution were legal or not.  Although I must admit that the notion that every hooker in Brazil is happy with her career path seems pretty fucking ludicrous.  That being said, if somebody wants to sell themselves, who am I to judge?   In fact if our government legalized prostitution and drugs and taxed hookers, johns, and drug dealers I’d be all for it.  Maybe that would give all of our wallets a break.  I also don’t have a problem with a government attempting to educate its people on the subject of STDs, though this particular promotion seems like a well-intentioned, but stupid idea.  The only real problem I have with these ads is that they destroyed my idea of what all Brazilian women look like.  I thought every woman in Brazil was a drop-dead gorgeous super model.  Oh well, since this cruel reality has shattered my misguided perception of Brazil, I guess I’ll put my 2014 World Cup tickets up for sale on Ebay. I never really liked soccer anyway.

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