Brandon Marshall Declares On Twitter Than He Owns Bill Belichick

Sports and Bets — February 18, 2016 at 3:58 am by

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I can’t stress enough how much I love Brandon Marshall. He’s probably one of my top three favorite players not on the Baltimore Ravens, if not number one. And I love him firing at Belichick. Would he be totally insane for thinking he owns the best coach in the league? Obviously. We all know Ed Reed was the only one to ever own Belichick. Reed could have put a collar on Belichick and walked him. But there’s a zero percent chance B Marsh was being serious here. He was totally messing around. And I’m good with it. This wasn’t Rex Ryan declaring he’s gonna win the Super Bowl every year and being serious about it, it was Brandon Marshall getting some hot twitter fingers, firing off a couple irrational tweets just to be cocky for a second. Brandon Marshall could literally do anything and I’d still have his back. Anything. I don’t care if he kills someone. Team B Marsh all the way.




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