Brad Brach’s High School Coach Is Fired The Hell Up Like He Should Be

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I would be fired up too if some kid I coached in high school had just struck out Mike Trout and Josh Hamilton en route to a 1-2-3, sit down and shut-up, eighth inning.  This moment makes all those thankless and grossly underpaid hours all worth it for the old ball coach.  What do most high school coaches make?  $2,000 a year?  But money don’t matter now, babes, one of the kids has made it and he’s doin’ pretty damn well.  (Brach also had a 1-2-3 ninth.  Six up, six down for the Brachster.)

However, I do hope Brad takes Coach out for a late dinner and a few beers. This kinda passion for baseball deserves a good steak and cake and a nice buzz…

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