Boxer Isn’t Pleased With Referee’s Decision, So He Knocks Him Out

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Vido Loncar of Croatia was defeated by Algirdas Baniulis of Lithuania at the European Youth Boxing Championships in Zagreb, Croatia after the referee stopped the fight. Loncar vehemently disagreed with the decision, and proved to the ref that he was fit to continue by beating the shit out of him. (You really only need to watch the video from about 1:10 to 1:30).

Here’s another angle of the classless assault.

Referee getting knocked out in the European championships

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What a fucking dickhead. I’ve seen a lot of awful things take place in a boxing ring over the years, but that might take the cake. And why did it take so long for somebody to finally step in and help that poor ref? Baniulis hauled ass outta that ring like the ghost of Jack Dempsey appeared. You just beat this guy in a fight. Why the hell are you running for the hills?


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