Boxer Gets Brutally Knocked Out In First Round

Sports and Bets — October 12, 2015 at 11:32 am by

That was Gabriel Bracero knocking out Danny O’Connor with a devastating right hand. This fight was a rematch after Bracero defeated O’Conner by unanimous decision back in 2011, and it seems pretty damn clear that O’Connor should’ve learned his lesson after their first fight. Man, that was one helluva punch. Those slow motion replays were almost hard to watch. Not only did O’Connor get knocked into next week, but he’s lucky he didn’t seriously injure his left knee during his awkward fall to the canvas. Hopefully after getting so emphatically knocked out by a guy with five KOs in 26 bouts, O’Connor will take a long look in the mirror and strongly reconsider his decision making process. Stepping back into the ring with Bracero might actually have been only the second dumbest choice O’Connor made that night. Homeboy needs a new barber ASAP.


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