Bovada Has Orioles Over/Under Win Total And The Over’s Looking Hot

Sports and Bets — February 29, 2016 at 2:35 pm by



79 1/2??? Hammer the over. Love it. Easy money. I’m not being a homer here, I think this is such a favorable over/under for the O’s. 79 wins would put the team four games under .500, which I think is crazy. This team would be one of the most underachieving O’s teams ever if they failed to come within three games of .500. I’m not positive the Orioles make the playoffs this year, but I do think they’ll at least compete for a spot all the way till the end. I realize their starting pitching sucks, but it should be better than last year. Even though the O’s lost Chen, they brought in Gallardo, and there’s no way Tillman and Gonzalez can be as miserable as they were last year. Plus, Gausman should take a step forward. The bullpen should be a little better with Givens being around all year, and the lineup is improved with Trumbo and Kim.

I think this is probably an 83-86 win team. Whether or not that makes the playoffs will be determined. But I think it’s crazy to bet the under here. Too much talent.



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