Bouncing Back In A Huge Way

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John Harbaugh did maybe his best coaching job ever last night by having his players ready to play.  With all the distractions, and the short week off after a tough loss, the Ravens were out for blood and it showed.  I saw a hungry, take no fucking prisoners, attitude on every Raven player that stepped onto that field last night.

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The first Steeler drive should have been a three and out, but a bullshit roughing call on a clean sack gave Pittsburgh another chance.  They went on to successfully drive the length of the field until the defense created their first of three takeaways on the night by stripping the ball from rookie receiver, Justin Brown.  This was an opportunistic bunch last night, as even Haloti Ngata got in on the turnover action with a spectacular bat of a pass that he was able to haul in himself on a dive.

I thought the pass rush stepped it up considerably. Elvis Dumervil was in Ben’s face wrecking havoc all night as he registered two sacks.  Still waiting for Suggs to get in on the pass rush action, but if he continues to at least garner double teams, that’s acceptable.  One qualm I have about the defense tonight was the fact that they kept giving up big plays on end-arounds. Todd Haley obviously saw something he wanted to exploit on the Ravens front seven, because they kept going back to it and it kept working.  Thank God one of the big gainers was called back for holding downfield.  That needs to be corrected immediately.

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I thought the offense was a thing of beauty last night.  It may not look as pretty as a Saints’ or Broncos’ offensive output, but the Ravens were efficient and effective last night.   They had perfect balance with 30 runs between Pierce and Forsett, and Joe playing Mr. Efficiency, completing 21 of 29 passes.  Steve Smith picked up his game, displaying his famous run after the catch ability.  Torrey Smith was quiet once again, but at least he was able to cause that deep pass interference on the first drive.  The guy who looked spectacular in the passing game was Owen Daniels, and not just because he caught two touchdowns.  Daniels made two very nice grabs in traffic all while taking a big hit and holding onto the ball.  He was a weapon tonight working the middle of the field.  Going back to his two touchdowns, how about the beautiful play designs by Gary Kubiak that allowed Daniels to get so wide open.  The first touchdown was so well designed ,with run action to the right with a flat/corner combo play side from the strong side tight end and the fullback.  Dennis Pitta was trying to leak backside flat from the strong side, but he got caught up in the interior traffic of the lineman.  Daniels was the lone end on the weak side and ran a precise route, faking the skinny post, which you see so often from this concept, and going back toward the corner.  The route combo put so much pressure on the Steeler secondary that they were completely lost.  Daniels was all alone, and man it was beautiful.  As a Raven fan, there weren’t many times I remember us totally out scheming another team like this.  Hope it continues, and I think it will.

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My analysis is a bit short tonight because I had to work the bar during the game.  I didn’t get a chance to go back over the game, but I’m very impressed with the way the Ravens bounced back tonight.  This was just what the doctor ordered for our team, and our town.  Now it’s time to rest up and prepare and not let a tricky Cleveland team take us by surprise next Sunday.  Remember we lost there last year, not something that can happen again if we have division title aspirations.

It’s always great beating the Steelers!

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