Boston Sports Radio Host Called Erin Andrews a “Gutless Bitch” & Wants Her To “Drop Dead”

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In last night’s All-Star Game, Derek Jeter led off with a double off of Adam Wainwright. After Wainwright was removed from the game, he was asked about facing Jeter in his final All-Star Game. Wainwright told reporters, including Jeff Passan, MLB columnist for Yahoo! Sports, that he took it easy on Jeter.

Considering that the winner of the All-Star game is rewarded with home field advantage in the World Series, people were very pissed off by this. Twitter was blowing up with people upset at Wainwright for not performing to the best of his abilities. Wainwright must have caught wind of this negative response, and depending on your opinion, either backtracked or clarified that he was joking during a live interview with Erin Andrews.

The hosts, especially Kirk Minihane, on the Dennis and Callahan show on WEEI in Boston didn’t think that Andrews did a good enough job asking Wainwright the tough questions. Instead of expressing his displeasure with her interview in a rational manner, Minihane decided to completely lose his shit, and go on a hate-filled rant against her. Skip to the 50 second mark to go straight into the onslaught.

Not only was it sickening the way Minihane and company trashed Andrews, but their reasoning was way off base. Social media was a huge part of this whole ordeal. If not for social media, there wouldn’t have been any reason for the in-game interview because no one would have even known about Wainwright’s comments till reading the paper the next morning. The power of social media to reach so many people so quickly was a huge factor in creating such a backlash against Wainwright that he felt the need to address his comments immediately. But why let logic get in the way of being an asshole?

Also, what do these guys truly expect out of sideline reporters? Were they hoping for Andrews to grill Wainwright like they were on 60 Minutes? Get real. Sideline reports ask a few light questions, give injury reports, and talk about the weather. That’s the job description, and that’s fine with me. I’d rather have Craig Sager’s goofy ass lobbing softballs than Jim Gray being a prick to Pete Rose any day of the week.

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