Boardwalk Empire Living Up To Lofty Expectations

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(This contains spoilers.)

I think it’s safe to say HBO puts out the best shows on TV.  From The Sopranos, The Wire, Game Of Thrones, True Detective, and on and on, it’s the finest cable that TV has to offer. Boardwalk Empire is the latest masterpiece to grace the Sunday night lineup.  Returning for its fifth and final season, there will be huge expectations for Nucky Thompson’s final act.

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It’s six years after the finale of season 4.  Prohibition is all but over, the market crash has the economy in a deep depression, and Nucky Thompson is still up to his old tricks.  He is petitioning senators and other government officials, jockeying his way into position to take advantage of the repeal of the prohibition law.  In episode 1, he is down in Havana, Cuba, the hottest mafia spot before Vegas, brokering a deal with Bacardi Rum to be their number one distributor in the US.  During his stay in Havana, there is an attempt on his life which goes unsuccessful.  Nucky finds out that almost simultaneously in New York, there was a successful hit on Joe Massaria aka “Joe The Boss.”  Nucky quickly puts two and two together after a visit up to see former Chicago boss and ally Johnny Torrio, that it was Charlie Luciano and Meyer Lansky behind the attempt in Cuba.  This sets up the season perfectly for an action packed thrill ride.
Boardwalk is so unique because it tells a story that many of us already know, but from a completely different perspective.  The story regarding the rise of gangsters during the twenties and early thirties has been told ad nauseam in the movies .  I already know what happens to Joe Massaria and Don Feranzano from a bad Christian Slater movie.  What makes Boardwalk so much better is that we witness the rise of such prominent players like Luciano, Lansky, and Al Capone through the eyes of characters we’ve grown to care about over four seasons.  It’s a great mix of historical fact and factious plot development, all woven into a tapestry that is the Nucky Thompson perspective.

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Boardwalk has done a spectacular job, season after season, of introducing different antagonist characters to spice things up.  From Gyp Rosetti in season three, to Dr Narcisse in the last two seasons, there is always somebody fucking things up for Nucky.  The acting is always top=motch, from the mainstays of the cast and the actors and actresses making guest appearances.  Some big name actors have graced the small screen for Boardwalk, and it’s because the material is phenomenal.  The show is able to carry multiple story lines in a grandiose fashion because of the strength of the acting. Gretchen Mol, Michael K. Williams, Michael Shannon, and Shea Whigham are all fiction characters that have carried various subplots that add a real dimension to the show.

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I look for this season to close out one of my favorite shows in grand fashion.  The tag line for this season says it all.  “Nobody Goes Quietly!”  If you’ve never done yourself the pleasure, take your next sick day and invest in three episodes from season one.  I’m sure it will have you racing to catch up.


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