Bleacher Report Makes A Cartoon Just To Make Fun Of Flacco

Sports and Bets — October 24, 2017 at 4:32 pm by


I don’t think there’s much debate in the football world anymore, that Joe Flacco is not currently an elite QB. The stats aren’t there, and the wins are no longer there. Clearly this doesn’t all fall on him, but as the starting QB, he’s going to take the majority of the credit when he wins, and blame when he loses. Flacco was for a short time an elite quarterback, and had the greatest Super Bowl run of all time. He certainly has the skill set to be elite, but he hasn’t played like it for a few years now.

Bleacher Report took a little time out of their day to make a cartoon to make fun of Flacco and his non-eliteness.



As a Ravens fan, and long time Flacco semi-apologist, I can admit that this clip is pretty funny. I have no delusions that Flacco is still elite, although I do think at one point he was borderline on that level.


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