Bizarre Series In Boston Comes To A Close

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Now usually after each series for the Orioles I do and good and bad list.  Thought I would change it up a bit because the series between the Orioles and Red Sox was one of the strangest regular season series I can ever remember.  I had to look back at the score of each game because the conversation was about anything but the results.

Monday’s game seemed to have no incidents, but quickly into the post-game we all found out that wasn’t the case.  Adam Jones told reporters that throughout the game he was berated with racial slurs and even had a fan throw a bag a peanuts at him while walking back to the dugout, video later came out showing that.  It should have been a game where we talked about Manny Machado’s great performance, hitting a home run and making several great plays in the field.  Instead we talked about much larger issues that unfortunately still happen.  No athlete should be subjugated to that type of abuse.  There is nothing wrong with booing the opponent or even heckle them a bit (god knows I’ve done my share), but there is no place in society for what happened to Jones, much less a baseball game.

So we move on from Monday, ESPN, FOX, MLB basically whoever covers sports for a living commented on the Adam Jones situation.  Jones comes up for his first at bat on Tuesday and the Boston fans gave him a nice little standing ovation.  Got to be honest didn’t expect that but it was a nice gesture and almost an apology from the Red Sox fans for what Jones endured.  One batter later all the goodwill went flying out the window.  Manny Machado came up and seemingly out of nowhere, Red Sox Chris Sale pitcher threw a 98 MPH fastball behind Manny prompting the umpire to warn both clubs.  I say out of nowhere because I thought we were past the so called “beef” between Manny and the Sox.  Was it still over the slide into Pedroia? Was it because Manny admired his HR from Monday?  Was it because Bundy hit Mookie Betts?  No one seemed to really know why, and to be honest I still don’t.

After Tuesday’s game Manny went off, his video is beeped so many times you can barely make out what he’s trying to say.  Manny’s rant put everyone on high alert, Major League Baseball met with both clubs to make sure this didn’t carry over to Wednesday’s game.  Well when Kevin Gausman threw a 77 MPH breaking pitch and it hit Xander Bogaerts, the umpire immediately ejected Gausman.  The Orioles were LIVID and for a good reason.  Kevin Gausman can throw in the upper 90s with pretty good consistency, so if he really wanted to throw at someone and make it hurt, it wouldn’t be a curveball.  Even the Boston broadcast teams couldn’t quite understand the ejection.  Look, I’m not going to go crazy on that ump, we all make mistakes and I’m sure he was told by his bosses to keep the game under control.  In the heat of the moment and knowing the tension between the two clubs he made a snap decision that might have cost the Orioles a win.

Thankfully Thursday’s game was just about baseball,  Nobody was thrown at, no ejections on either side, and Manny Machado crushed another ball over the monster.  What gets lost in all the craziness is the Orioles splitting a tough four game series in Boston.  Something tells me this feud or beef is far from over between two squads.  The next series all eyes will be watching but most for the wrong reasons.

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