Birds Win Two In A Row Against Ghetto-Ass Oakland A’s

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The Orioles win with the lumber in Game 1, and the arms in Game 2.  Thursday night was bombs away as the Birds scored 10 runs on 15 hits and cruised to any easy 10-2 victory.    Friday night it was Wei-Yin Chen who pitched eight shutout innings in a 3-0 win, allowing only two hits all night.  Chen became the first Oriole starter to go into the seventh inning this season, and he added another frame for good measure.  Chen had been pitching very  well this season, but had been the victim of some dead Oriole bats in his first few starts.    It’s good to see him get his second win in a row. 

Machado and Jones both had huge defensive plays.  Adam Jones smacked into the wall in center on a running catch, and Machado is just Machado with quick reactions and a gun for an arm.  Good pitching and defense will win more times than not, and that theory was again proven on Friday.


Ho, Ho, Ho…..Green Giant

Meanwhile, the A’s are a great team who seem to contend in a tough division every year, but they are definitely the ghetto birds of the Major Leagues.  The Oakland Coliseum is a fucking shit hole.  Has there ever been a more hideous ball park?  Who designed that place?  Was it the same guy who designed the government buildings in communist Poland?  What the fuck.  The enormous place is empty despite the A’s success, so there are large open expanses of empty green chairs forever floating in the background.   It’s like the Jolly Green Giant took a big fat shit in the middle of a parking lot.  The worst part is that they actually share it with another team.  (The Raiders)  Get together guys.  Time for a new home for the both of ya.  Run a lottery, have a bake sale, just do something for God’s sake.

Gotta give it to the fans that do show for the A’s though, they got spirit baby.


That’s dedication babes

Tillman (0-1) vs Griffith (2-1)  4:05 EST Tomorrow at the Jolly Green Giant House of Turds

Go O’s


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