Birds, NCAA Final, and Other Crap

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The Orioles have the day off today, which is good because they really need it after losing three straight.  In the first two losses the Orioles shot themselves in the foot with costly errors but the loss yesterday can be attributed to Clay Buccholz because the Red Sox starter  was straight dealing.  Buchholz shut out the Birds, allowing only three hits over 7 innings.  The Orioles added a late run in the ninth on Adam Jones’ first home run of the year, but the late rally fizzled and the Birds took the loss.                     chen

It’s a shame the Oriole hitters couldn’t figure out Buchholz because they wasted a real nice start by Chen.  Chen pitched very well but was left in one batter too long in the seventh.  With 2 on and only one out Buck left Chen on the mound to face Daniel Nava. Nava took Chen over the Monster.  The three-run homer put the Sox on top to stay.  Despite two nice starts Chen is now 0-1.

The best pitcher on the Orioles staff, Miguel Gonzalez, is being skipped in the rotation and will not pitch in this series.  There has to be some reason for this but what could it be?  If they like him on extra rest, they are getting that extra day today.  I would feel a hell of a  lot better about stopping this losing streak tomorrow night if we had Gonzo on the hill. Instead we get Mr. Shakes, Jake Arrieta.

NCAA Final

John Beilein owes me money.  After putting a financial investment on his Wolverines, Jon Beilein rewarded me by forgetting the foul situation late in the game.  Beilein even admitted it after the game.  Beilein did not know that Michigan had a foul to give with a little over a minute left.  Are you fucking kidding me?!  Michigan allowed significant time to roll off the clock before fouling, only to realize that it was not a one- and -one situation, but an inbounds foul.  It’s hard to believe that no one on the Michigan bench knew the amount of  fouls that they had committed.  It’s on every scoreboard in the freakin’ stadium.  Unacceptable.

Coach Beilen certainly knew the foul situation on Trey Burke in the first half.  The coach chose to keep the player of the year on the bench for most of the first half because he was slapped with two quick fouls.  Burke played only 6 minutes the first half.  It was okay while Michigan enjoyed a double-digit lead, but when Louisville began one of their patented runs, Burke remained benched.  Huh?  Michigan chose to keep their best player benched for 14 minutes because he had two fucking fouls?!?!  Stupid.  I wonder if Hancock would have hit all those 3’s late in the first half if Burke had been on the floor.                                                                                                                       

It's still not a foul.

It’s still not a foul.


The officiating was uneven, but the only thing consistent about college basketball officiating is that it always sucks.  The refs missed two obvious calls that really hurt Michigan.  First was early in the game when they missed an obvious goaltend by Gorgui Dieng.  Second was the clean block by Trey Burke on Peyton Siva’s lay-up. The refs called it a foul and Siva made both foul shots.  Michigan really needed that block, it was in the middle of Louisville’s late game run that sealed the win.  That block could have been a momentum changer.

Other Crap

Siva’s Dad is a beast.  He  may be the greatest player’s Dad ever.

No. 1 Dad

No. 1 Dad

Joe Flacco is set to play Johnny Unitas in a film that will probably never get funded or made.  Flacco will play Johnny U only during football action sequences.  After seeing his Pizza Hut commercials, I think we can all be thankful that Joe won’t be doing any dialogue acting.

Pizza Hut Pizza is My Favorite Pizza.

Pizza Hut Pizza is My Favorite Pizza.




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