Birds Lose 4-1. The Bats Are Silent, Tilly Lost Again, and It’s Ugly, Babes, Ugly At The Yard.

Sports and Bets — May 27, 2015 at 12:58 am by

It’s late as hell and I spent most of my blog time ranting about 395 being blocked by protestors this morning.  So here’s the ultra short O’s round-up:  They Birds lost because they suddenly can’t hit and because Chris Tillman is a mess.  Sure,  Tilly pitched six great innings, but he still lost his sixth game of the year and got outpitched by Scott Feldman.  Brian Matusz imploded again in relief, this time without sticky shit on his arm, and if it wasn’t for Jimmy Paredes nobody would be on base. Ubaldo needs to get this series tomorrow.  It’s greatly needed, babes.  The O’s recap will be back to normal again tomorrow.

Chris Tillman


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