Birds Get Smoked In K.C. Now Face Sox

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The Orioles just lost three out of four in Kansas City.  After sweeping Texas and then winning the first game of this series, it seemed the Orioles were poised for a big run.  You know, a win 10 out of 11 run.  But that’s not going to happen.  This shit stings, especially after losing to Bruce Chen and Jeremy Guthrie, two Oriole throw aways.  Guthrie I can see, he was always a decent pitcher, but I still can’t get over losing to Chen.

Need Crush back in form for this weekend

Need Crush back in form for this weekend

Our favorite son. Miguel Gonzalez got blasted tonight in the 7-1 loss.  His location stunk and his velocity was down.  The location thing happens to every pitcher, but the fact that his velocity was down is concerning.  Jim Palmer pointed out that the radar gun in K.C. is one to two M.P.H. high, which means Gonzo wasn’t even getting over 90.  No bueno babes.

Crush Davis struggled at the dish tonight with four strikeouts.  He had eight for the series.  Davis has never been good against Kansas City pitching for whatever reason, so hopefully it was just a match-up thing.  We need Crush for this weekend series.

Manny Machado is slumping as well. For the first time this year he is in danger of dropping below a .300 average.  I say give the young man a day off, it may do him some good.

Henry Urrutia is batting .350 in his first week as an Oriole.

A day off may recharge our young All Star.

A day off may recharge our young All Star.

It’s time for replay.  These Umps fucking stink.  For years so did the Orioles, so bad calls didn’t get pub around here because baseball didn’t really matter.  But now that we’re back in the pennant race, every game, and therefore, every call matters.  The bad call tonight came on a trapped fly ball that was called a catch.  If the call would have been called properly as a hit, the Orioles would have only been down 3-2 in the fifth with two outs and Guthrie struggling.  Instead, inning over and momentum back to the Royals.  It was a big moment in the game.

Now the Birds sit 4 behind the Sox.  They come to Baltimore tomorrow.

Paint it Orange Baltimore.

Lackey (7-7) vs Tillman (12-3)

Let’s Go O’s!

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  1. I’m waiting for the video to best posted of the first parkville triathlon at Casey’s. it’s an injustice that the most gifted athlete Has not had his moment in the sun.

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