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As we sit up here in Baltimore freezing our asses off, the Orioles began spring training today with pitchers and catchers reporting to Sarasota, Florida.  This is always good news because it means that Spring is right around the corner, but this year it carries extra weight because, for once, the Orioles didn’t suck last year.  After 15 years of awful baseball, the Birds managed to piece together a nice playoff run.  In fact, if it hadn’t been for that hideous old bastard, Raul Ibanez,  the Orioles would have been in the ALCS.



But that was last year and the Orioles hope to move forward with a nice young nucleus of players.  Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, Nick Markakis, and Manny “The Moocher” Muchado look to anchor a lineup that hit 214 home runs.  The bullpen was one of the best in baseball last season and Jim Johnson led the league in saves.  The starting pitching also looks solid with Jason Hammel, Wei-Yin Chen, Miguel Gonzalez,  and Chris Tillman looking like locks for the rotation. The fifth starter spot is up for grabs but if Jair Jurrgens ever officially signs, he could be the guy.  Steve Johnson is another possibility for the fifth spot.  No matter who it is the Orioles are loaded with young, talented arms, and pitching is the least of their concerns.

Miguel Gonzalez Is Not Concerned

Miguel Gonzalez Is Not Concerned

The Orioles were criticized locally and nationally for not signing any big name free agents in the off-season.  It would have been nice if Peter Angelos’ cheap self could have stroked a check or two but it looks like the Birds are content to grow and pay their own talent.  Adam Jones made out quite nicely last year, and Wieters and Muchado can probably expect the same if they continue to produce.  Still, it would have generated a hell of a lot of excitement around here if the Orioles could have pulled off the Josh Hamilton signing.  Don’t think they don’t have the money either.  The MASN contract keeps the organization paid, and by the way, the Angelos’ are freakin’ gozillionaires.  But the Birds are choosing to do things the old-fashioned way, with home-grown talent and solid pitching and defense.  That’s all well and good, but even Adam Larouche could have helped this club.

But enough bitchin’.  Camden Yards will actually be an exciting place to be this year.  It’s been just a hometown novelty the past decade.  Just some place to get drunk at for five innings, and then roll out when the visiting team had control.  It also became a place to avoid when those asshole fans from New York and Boston invaded.  But with the Yankees old and shooting PEDs in their asses, and the Red Sox just flat-out sucking, the American League East is looking for a new King.  Tampa and Toronto will be in the mix too (this division is the best in baseball) but the Orioles may have something brewing here again.  It promises to be a fun ride, and after last year’s Oriole resurgence, coupled with the Ravens’ championship, this town is getting used to winning all year round. Hopefully the Birds can keep it rollin’.

A-Rod's Locker

A-Rod’s Locker


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