Biker Gang Swarms SUV

News — September 30, 2013 at 1:26 pm by

Really don’t know what to think of this. You have a biker gang terrorizing an SUV, but it is unclear what the root of this attack was. I would imagine that this was sparked by something, but you be the judge on the altercation. Apparently, a man called police when a group of bikers were speeding and driving erratically in the northbound lanes on the West Side Highway in New York.

First bulldozer at :50, then shit heats up at the 5 minute mark

At one point, the bikers blocked him again as he got caught behind another vehicle, with one biker yanking open his door.During one of the stops, one of the bikers slashed one or more times on the SUV, forcing the driver to exit at West 178th Street in Washington Heights.But the pack swarmed behind him, blowing through at least one red light at high speed.Finally, traffic forces the SUV to stop on West 178th between Wadsworth and St. Nicholas avenues.One rider then rips off his helmet and uses it to bash in the driver’s side window as the video ends.The crew then beat the man in front of his wife and child

If the police were called, how did this go on for so long? You got 100 bikes chasing one car, so as far as the driver wrecking the bikes, it is completely fair game. Especially when you have your kid in the car.


via reddit, NYP

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