Big Win At The Big House For The Terps. Bingo.

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I’m not breaking the game down here and I’m not analyzing X’s and O’s in this one.  As a Maryland Alum, I’m just excited as hell about what went down today up at the Big House.

I don’t care that Michigan is down this season, this is a huge win for the Terps.  Nobody in their right mind would have told you that Maryland was going to go up to Michigan and beat down the Wolverines in their own house before this 2014 campaign started, but that’s exactly what the Terps did today.  They went right up to the Big House and whooped some blue tail.  I gotta hand it to Coach Edsall, road wins at Penn State and Michigan in his first year in the Big 10, all while rebuilding a program, is a hell of an accomplishment.  The home Iowa win wasn’t a bad one either and now the Terps are a home win against Rutgers away from an eight win season.  Wow.

Wins now at Michigan and Penn State, a massive new football complex on the way, and a program that is believing in what Coach Edsall is selling.  Big Terps doin’ big things. There’s an angry turtle on the rise, babes.

Celebrate like you mean it Coach.  Boom….




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