Big Plans For Creation Of “Absolutely Stunning” New Building In Baltimore Skyline

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H&S Properties Development Corp. and Bozzuto Group are partnering up to build a 280-foot tall building in Harbor East, that would really make a change in the Baltimore skyline. But this building, which is set to be only 70 feet shorter than the Legg Mason building, is not meant to be an eyesore, but rather a beautiful work of art, which could cost almost $100 million. They expect to break ground within a year, and it is expected to be located at “a surface parking lot bounded by South Central Avenue and Lancaster, South Eden and Aliceanna streets.”

According to Buzzoto, the plan is not for this building “To be just one of the best projects in Baltimore. We want it to be one of the best in the country. The architecture’s going to be absolutely stunning. I think it’ll be one of the most beautiful buildings that we’ve ever been a part of.”

The building will be primarily for apartments and condominiums, but would also include a grocery store, retail stores, a wine store, and a cafe. It will look out over the water in the Inner Harbor.

“Mediocrity is not acceptable to us and we want to build the most extraordinary building in Baltimore,” Bozzuto said.

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  1. Detroit kept financing projects like this that the city didn’t need. Look where it got them.

    • They’re not financing, they giving tax breaks, like every other project in the world. It’s a desolate parking lot that is a Waterfront eye sore run by the scum of Baltimore. Without urban development like this, we’d still be the Baltimore of the 80’s. Tax breaks now = increase tax revenue later. Tax breaks brought us the Ravens, Camden Yards, all of harbor East, Canton crossing etc. If you want to live in a city without those things, not sure what you want Baltimore to look like. You k ow why business are moving out if Maryland to Northern Virginia? Tax breaks. You know why South Carolina is such a great place to manufacture products? Tax breaks. You know why natty boh isn’t made in Baltimore anymore? Tax breaks.

      • Tax breaks being given by a city with no money seems to make a lot of sense. They just gave 100M in tax breaks to the other project being built on top the old chromium site. Just saying there is a template for this kind of thing, Detroit. It didn’t work for them. Tax breaks do not equal revenue later, again go look at Detroit.

    • Wait wait wait, let me keep going… You know how all the blighted townhouses get renovated? Tax breaks. You know how we increase our dismal population? New home construction tax breaks. You know why producers film in Baltimore and not DC? Tax breaks. Know why companies like McCormick or Beretta have or are threatening to leave Maryland? Tax breaks.

      • The companies are leaving Maryland because it sucks to have a business here. The city is bankrupt. Tax breaks only make it worse. They are still paying for the hotel that O’Malley built.

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