Big and Bold NFL Predictions From Babes The Greek and Seabass The Shoe

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Babes and I have deciphered the undecipherable.  That’s right, we have laid out the 2014-’15 NFL season before you and attempted to predict the unpredictable.  Below we’ve listed our division winners and wild card picks, and we’ve given some individual player predictions as well.  Enjoy, and remember, when we look back at this in February, at least 30% of this shit will be spot on.

We’re a short week away from real football and I couldn’t be more excited.  I feel so tapped into what’s going to happen this year and my confidence is at an all time high.  This season, I’m aiming to push the 70% barrier for my NFL picks against the spread.  I’m fresh off a huge survivor pool pot, and a win in a 75 person pigskin pick ’em, I’ve got the picks you can trust.  Oh and by the way, they’ll be free all year right here on the site.

Here are my playoff team predictions, and my Super Bowl picks.


East: Pats
Wild Cards-Bengals, Chargers
I know there is no groundbreaking news here, but sometimes you have to go with the chalk.

nfl bill


North- Packers
South-  Saints
East-  Redskins
West-  Seahawks
Wild Cards- 49ers, Bears

My upset division pick is the Redskins taking the East.  I think Jay Gruden will have this offense cooking with gas by the end of September, and I think RG3 reverts back to his stellar rookie form.

nfl rg

Super Bowl:  Green Bay and New England

Champ:  Green Bay

MVP: Aaron Rodgers
Offensive Player of the Year: Montee Ball
Defensive Player of the Year: JJ Watt
Offensive Rookie of the Year: Brandin Cooks
Defensive Player of the Year: CJ Mosley
Coach of the Year: Jay Gruden

nfl rodgers



I’ve got some whammys in here, because I think this will be a turnover year in the NFL.  A lot of the same teams have been doing a lot of the winning.  The law of averages says that some new teams are going to show their faces this year, much like the Chiefs did in 2013.  I also think the AFC is wide open, anybody can win it. So make your fun now, I’ll be looking like a goddamn genius come January, babes.


North- Bengals: They’ve got the talent, but do they have the QB and the coaching staff to pull of some big wins when everyone’s nipples are cutting glass?

South- Titans:  This division sucks and Luck’s luck has got to run out soon.  The Titans have some talent outside and I like Jake Locker.  9-7 wins this division.

East- N.Y. Jets:  The Jets have a nasty D and an offense that will be better than you think.  Geno Smith for mayor of the Big Apple.

West- Broncos:  Fantasy teams with big names and big money rarely put shit together, but Peyton alone is good enough to win this division, if he stays healthy.

Wild Cards- Ravens, Chargers:  Yeah, that’s right Brady and the Pats take a seat this year.  San Diego is trending up and did you really think I would leave the Ravens out of the dance?

nfl raven



North- Green Bay:  Aaron Rodgers.  Enough said.

South- Saints:  A revamped D and Drew Breezy will take this division fo’ sheezy.

East- Eagles:  Is Chip Kelly that good of a coach?  I think he is.

West- Seahawks:  Look for them to get better on offense with a healthy O-Line and a better passing attack.  Defense?  We already know.

Wild Cards:  Arizona, Detroit:  Cards are nasty and underrated, Lions get a coaching upgrade and some discipline to go along with a stacked roster.

nfl cooks


Super Bowl:  Chargers vs Cardinals

Champ: Cardinals

MVP: Peyton Manning

Offensive Player Of The Year: Giovanni Bernard

Defensive Player of The Year: Luke Kuechly

Offensive Rookie Of The Year: Brandin Cooks

Defensive Rookie Of The Year: CJ Mosely

Coach of The Year:  Bruce Arians

nfl peyton


Other Awards

Asshole of the Year:  Jim Harbaugh

nfl ass

Breakout Player of the Year:  Coradelle Patterson

Worst Ref of The Year: Walt Coleman

First Coach Fired: Joe Philbin

Let’s Go!






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